Garage Door Repair Alamo Heights, TX

Repair, Replacement and Installation

Garage Door Repair Alamo Heights, TX

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When it comes to full service garage door repair, replacement, and installation for those in the Alamo Heights area, there’s only one name that you should remember, and that’s San Antonio Overhead Pros. Every customer deserves a company that truly puts their needs first before profit and has the kind of knowledge and experience that ensures your satisfaction. First and foremost, it’s important to note if you hear any noises that might indicate something amiss with your garage door operating system. If you believe that a piece or part of the system might be broken, you’ll certainly want to contact us to fix it, and we can be there promptly.

Often times, the first step of the repair process requires an actual inspection of your garage door. We all know that often times when it comes to certain products, we might use it time after time, without actually taking the time and energy to make sure that everything involved with it is okay. Are the extension springs intact? Do the torsion springs seem like they aren’t working as well? Of course, you also want to check on the chain or belt to make sure that it isn’t way too loose, as well. This also might require some energy on your part if you have an electric garage door opener, where you might have to examine the trolley to make sure that it works correctly.

Our team recommends a maintenance checkup twice a year. By maintenance, we are mainly discussing lubrication, alteration of some bolts, and particularly checking your two automatic reversal systems. This is something that you can actually do yourself, or you can contact one of our professionals to do this, as well. First, make sure that all of the hinges are secured and that the horizontal tracks are aligned properly. Tighten the bolts holding the perforated angle irons, forming a triangle, that support the horizontal tracks and therefore the electrical garage door opener. If you have got a 3-piece trolley on your door opener, you are going to have to tighten the bolts involved. Vibrations from the motor will cause these bolts to loosen much better, as well, as an added tip.

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Installing a New Garage Door

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In the end, we’ve all been there. We’ve all heard our garage door make a certain noise, but we all have our lives to live. Even though we know that there might be a chance that one day our car might even get stuck in the garage, it’s often better to just ignore the issue—until it isn’t. That’s why you should think about the kind of noise you are hearing. Just like other devices, the louder the noise, the more it might be a real issue that could affect you and your family’s safety and security. For example, does one hear a loud thump or clunk once the door opens and closes? If you have got an electrical garage door opener, it's terribly doable that whereas lifting and lowering your garage door, it's having issue and makes these noises. It's often associated with the fact that one in every of the torsion springs (installed over the door of your double door) has broken and requires a replacement ASAP.

Whatever the noise and whatever the repair that's needed, San Antonio Overhead Pros is happy to serve all our customers for all their overhead garage door needs in San Antonio, Texas.

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