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With a population of approximately 2500 residents, Comfort Texas is a quaint country town nestled in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.  The historic downtown is well preserved and features wineries, bed and breakfasts, and antique shops that visitors and residents alike enjoy exploring.  If you enjoy outdoor activities, Comfort is the town for you with mountain biking, golf, and cavers to explore there is plenty to do.  At San Antonio Overhead Pros, we are proud to provide service to the residents and businesses of Comfort and can install any commercial door your business requires.  Listed below are some signs that your commercial garage door needs replacing.

Regular Break Downs

If your commercial garage door is breaking down regularly, then it is time to have it replaced.  By the time you place a service call and have the door repaired and all the business you may lose in the meantime, it is best to have a new commercial door installed.  At San Antonio Overhead Pros, we have a selection of commercial doors to choose from and qualified technicians who can install them.

Excessive Damage

Commercial doors can suffer much abuse during the course of a business day, and if the entry has been repeatedly damaged, its time to have it replaced.  Commercial doors are damaged by forklifts bringing product in and out, trucks that are delivering or receiving the product, or just exposure to the elements.  If a commercial door has excessive damage, it can compromise the integrity of the door, making it unsafe and compromising its security.  San Antonio Overhead Pros have commercial doors to suit any business and technicians available to install them.

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Damaged From Break-In

Unfortunately, there are times when businesses will suffer damage from criminals trying to gain entry.  This frustrating part of doing business is not only scary and may include loss of products, but the damage done to the door can be extensive as well.  If your business has been broken into and the commercial garage door damaged, we recommend replacing it. If you do not replace the door, you are leaving an invitation for criminals to break in again.

Upgraded Features

While your current commercial garage door works fine and looks good, you may want to replace it for enhanced features.  Like all products, commercial garage doors are continuously changing, and new features are being added, you may want to purchase a new commercial door and have it installed to take advantage of upgrades in style, functionality, safety, or security.

Old Or Worn

If your commercial garage door is old and worn, it is time to have it replaced.  An old and worn commercial door not only looks terrible, but it may be costing you money with high energy costs, frequent repairs, or lost time for inefficiency.

At San Antonio Overhead Pros, we know how vital a properly working commercial garage door is to a business, and we have a staff of educated and experienced technicians. They can install any commercial door your business requires.

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