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San Antonio Overhead Pros is a business that provides all sorts of garage door services in the San Antonio—and we’ve been doing it for many years now. We offer both residential and commercial garage door repair and installation. As long as it involves a garage door, rest assured, we can help. We know that many people don’t think about their garage doors often in their lives, between their personal and professional obligations; however, a garage door that is not working properly can truly be a drain on your life. Even if the garage door physically looks fine, there are many different aspects to a garage door system, and it’s not as if families have time to constantly make sure that the garage door is up to par. We understand every aspect of the garage door, including the springs, cables, rails, and chains involved. There is no aspect of garage door replacement, installation, or repair that we do not cover or understand.

Springs are an essential part of garage doors, because they provide the necessary tension involved to lift the door. Of course, there are cases where these springs break. While they don’t usually require a significant amount of maintenance, if they are not oiled correctly, it can certainly be an issue. Often times, the springs also cause other parts of the garage door to break as well. While springs typically last for years, there are situations where the spring can be more damaged than the owner realizes, which can lead to more damage and more money required for repair.

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San Antonio Garage Door Repair

When you contact our staff, we can help to make sure that your garage door is safe and secure. It’s a very straightforward job, but we must stress the fact that it should only be done by a professional. Often times, there are those who try to save money by attempting to repair their garage door itself, and it certainly is not worth risking an injury, when you can contact a professional on our team, who can make sure that the right amount of tension exists with respect to your garage door, its gauges, and springs.

The truth is that there are a variety of brands and materials. Of course, it depends on your particular home and lifestyle which garage doors you might prefer. You might decide that metal is the best material in terms of wear and tear and safety, but there are also vinyl and wood options for those who prefer a different kind of aesthetic, since every home has a unique architecture and style. We truly have the experience to recommend the right garage door products for you, to make sure that it fits your specific situation.

It’s also important to keep in mind the weight of the door, and the height of your ceilings, so remember this before you decide on your garage door. This can end up saving you a tremendous time of money and energy. Whether you use your garage for a car, boat, or motorcycle, you will be happy that you contacted San Antonio Overhead Pros for all your garage door needs.

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