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Here at San Antonio Overhead Pros, our service isn’t all about just installation and repairs for the garage doors themselves. We also provide excellent garage door opener repair for residents and business owners of San Antonio, Texas. While an opener might seem like something simple that opens and closes your garage, the truth is that your garage door opener should always be reliable and safe. Luckily, we carry a selection of openers to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for an opener from an elite industry brand such as Lift Master or another brand, we can help to conveniently and reliably make sure that your opener is working properly. No one wants to wait unnecessarily outside their home for their opener to work after a long day. For those that live in quiet neighborhoods, a quiet opener and garage door can help to keep the neighborhood quiet, as well.

Often times, calling professionals like us to repair your opener rather than spending more money to replace your opener all together can be the wise choice—and the less expensive choice, as well. Who doesn’t want to save money? First, we’ll determine whether your garage door is truly balanced or not, using a simple balance test. This way, we know whether the opener is being stressed and might eventually poise a long-term problem. Typically, the issue is with the spring, which we can obviously check, as well. We cannot stress enough that it’s better that you leave the work to professionals when it comes to inspections and repairs, rather than trying to figure out what’s wrong by yourself.

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Technology is changing rapidly, and that also includes the technology within the garage door industry. We can bring you up to speed by letting you know what new garage door opener options are available and what accessories might make for a more pleasant experience. Whether you use your garage door constantly, or simply for storage, you will want it to be reliable and safe, but still accessible. We can certainly make that happen for you, whether you are looking for key less technology, remotes, connectivity technology, or other options. Whether you park your everyday vehicle in it or have boxes of valuables piled up inside, your garage should be as accessible as possible, and we want to provide that for you. In addition to the opener itself, we can install, configure, and service key less entry pads, remotes, MyQ connectivity technology, and more.

In the end, if we the issue has to do with a garage door opener, we can repair or replace it—and that goes for entry keypads, remotes, springs, cables, and more. Our trucks are fully stocked and we can make sure that your garage door opener is working as it should be—and have it done for you quickly, rather than it affecting your peace of mind or costing you time and money down the road. Contact us today for your garage opener needs! You can count on San Antonio Overhead Pros for fast and affordable repairs.

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