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The city of Helotes, Texas, is located in a lovely area known as the Texas Hill Country and a beautiful place to call home.  Helotes is a small community of 7000 residents and boasts excellent venues for dances, BBQ's, live music or any other type of gathering you have in mind.   Helotes is known for the Helotes Creek Winery that offers 35 different types of wine as well as a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.  San Antonio Overhead Pros is proud to service this beautiful community and provide all the installation and repair needs that are required.

A properly functioning commercial door is an essential component to any business as they provide a way for inventory and products to be delivered, a place to store company vehicles and equipment, or for foot traffic.  Regardless of their use if it is not working correctly, it can cost a business time and money they cannot afford.  At San Antonio Overhead Pros we have proudly serviced and repaired commercial doors in Helotes, Texas for years.

We employ a staff of expert technicians with the ability to install and repair any commercial doors and listed below are some of the most common commercial doors used by companies in Helotes:

  • Steel Sectional

One of the strongest on the market, steel sectionals are built to be durable, energy-efficient, and withstand extreme weather.

  • Aluminum Sectional

These doors provide the most curb appeal and are built with large windows allowing for natural sunlight.  Aluminum sectionals are lightweight and let customers look inside the business. As well as allowing customers the ability to look inside the business.

  • Rolling Fire Door

Built with safety in mind, these doors automatically close when the fire alarm is activated to help minimize damage to the building as well as keeping any occupants safe.

  • High-Speed Doors

As the name implies high-speed doors open and close quickly, allowing for better traffic flow in and out of the building.  High-speed doors are also energy efficient and allow for better climate control.

  • Security Shutter

Security shutters provide extra protection against theft and weather and come in several different styles.

San Antonio Overhead Pros can repair or install any type of commercial door your business utilizes.  Our team of experts understands how important it is for your business to have properly functioning doors, and we always back up our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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Commercial Broken Spring Repair

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To ensure that it is functioning correctly and safely, it is essential to keep up on routine inspections and maintenance.  Diagnosing and repairing any damage early saves money as well as lost time and aggravation.  Living in Texas means living with insects and pests including snakes and scorpions and something as simple as damage to the weather stripping could allow these dangerous pests into your home.  At San Antonio Overhead Pros, we place safety as our highest priority, and when our technicians assess it, you can rest assured, we will do a thorough inspection to keep your family and property safe.  San Antonio Overhead Pros we provide several yearly maintenance plans to help find and diagnose any repairs early and fix them quickly and easily avoiding any problems or inconveniences.  Call today and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff and schedule your free onsite estimate.

One of the most common reasons that they fail to operate correctly is due to damaged or broken springs.  Springs are an essential component for it to open and close by counteracting the weight of the door for it to move correctly.  While  springs can last as long as nine years, their lifespan can be shortened by the number of times a garage door is opened and closed.  Other factors can contribute to springs becoming damaged or broken, including weather, age, use, and improper installation.  The experts at San Antonio Overhead Pros have a team of technicians with the knowledge and experience to properly inspect, repair, and replace springs so call today and schedule your free estimate.

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