How Long Does A Garage Door Opener Last?

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How Long Garage Door Openers Last

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Garage door openers are one of the most used household devices, yet most often are forgotten about until they stop working.  When you consider the average door opener is used 1500 times a year, it stands to reason that they will need repair and replacement over time.  It is estimated that these door openers will generally last from 10 to 15 years, but many factors account for that estimate.  At San Antonio Overhead Pros, we know how important it is for your door opener to function correctly, and our team of technicians is available to diagnose, repair, and replace any opener you have.  Listed below are some indicators that your door opener may need replacing.

How to Keep Your Garage Door Opener Working At Its Best

The best way to keep your door opener working at its best for an extended period is to make sure you are performing routine maintenance.  By inspecting and fixing worn or damaged parts, you can extend the life of your opener.

Parts That Will Need To Be Serviced And Replaced.

Because door openers are used so often parts will inevitably need to be serviced or replaced listed below are some of the most common opener parts that will need servicing:


  • Broken springs
  • Loose or broken cables
  • Faulty switch or wires
  • Gear & Sprocket assembly issues
  • Bad circuit board
  • Damaged rollers
  • The garage door is off track
  • Keypad malfunction
  • Lost remote

By finding and servicing these parts immediately, you can extend the life of your opener and avoid additional costly repairs.

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When To Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Manufactured Before 1993

If your opener was manufactured before 1993, then it lacks the automatic reversal safety feature.  To help prevent injury and save lives, all openers made from 1993 on must include a sensor that detects objects in its path allowing the door to stop closing and immediately reverse direction.  If you are unsure if your opener has this safety feature or to find out if it is working correctly place a roll of paper towel in the path of the door and lower the door if it senses the roll of paper towel and reverses it is okay if it does not it either needs to be fixed or replaced.


If you have an older door opener, you may want to replace it for security reasons.  Older door openers are more accessible for criminals to access your garage and home potentially.  The remote controls on earlier models utilize a fixed code so criminals can drive up and down the street with a remote clicking to see which doors they can access.  New openers use a constantly changing code so criminals cannot duplicate the code and gain access.

Smart-Home Features

Many home features can now be accessed through your smartphone, making it easier and more convenient.  New openers can be conveniently accessed through your smartphone, allowing you to open and close the door remotely, display temperature, and program lockdown features when you are away for extended periods.

Battery Backup

Nothing is more frustrating than needing to drive somewhere, and your car is stuck in the garage because the opener is not working.  If the power goes out for any reason, older door openers will not work, and you will either be stuck inside or outside.  Newer openers come equipped with battery backups, so you have access regardless of electrical outages.

At San Antonio Overhead Pros, we know how important your garage door opener is, and we have several service plans to choose from as well as new openers with the latest features.  If you are unsure about replacing your opener call or stop in today and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff.

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