How Long Does It Take To Replace Garage Door Springs?

Broken Garage Door Springs Repair and Installation

Replacing Broken Garage Door Springs

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One of the most critical parts in the garage door system are the garage door springs.  They are responsible for storing mechanical energy which is used to balance the weight of the garage door for it to be able to open and close properly.  Listed below are some essential things to know about the springs that operate in your garage door:


  • There are two different types of garage door springs.
  • Torsion Springs- Torsion springs help to lift the heavy garage door while being raised to help take the stress off the motor.
  • Extension Springs- Extension springs are used to counterbalance the weight of the garage door when it opens and closes.
  • These are the most common garage door part that breaks because they are always in use and counterbalance the weight of the heavy garage door.
  • They last a long time. They can last as many as 10,000 cycles, but with each use, they do become weak, so it is vital to make sure you have them inspected by a professional yearly.


Because the springs are constantly in use, they often become damaged or broken.  Listed below are some signs that garage door springs need replacing:

  • Excessive Noises- If you notice that the springs are squeaking or making other noises, it is an indication that the springs have become worn and need to be replaced.
  • Balance Problems- If the garage door is not opening and closing correctly, the springs have become damaged and cannot balance the weight of the garage door and need to be replaced.
  • Garage Door is Crooked- If the garage door is crooked, it is a sign that the springs are broken because they are no longer pulling the door properly.
  • Garage Door Falls Instead of Closing Properly- The springs are responsible for balancing the weight of the garage door, so it opens and closes properly so if the garage door falls or closes too fast it is a sign that the springs need to be replaced.

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Replacement Time

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On average it takes approximately an hour to replace garage door springs.  When the technician arrives for your appointment, they will perform the following to replace the springs:

  1. Turn off Power

The first step is to turn off the power supply so that the garage door will not accidentally activate during the replacement process.

  1. Measure

The second step is to measure the existing garage springs to make sure the replacement springs are the right size.

  1. Unwind

The third step is to unwind the existing garage door springs so they can be removed.

  1. Install

The fourth step is to install the new springs making sure to tighten the screws and balance and lubricate them thoroughly correctly.

  1. Wind Up

The fifth step is to wind up the newly installed springs, so they are ready to hold the weight of the garage door properly.

  1. Lubricate

The sixth step is to lubricate the garage door properly, so it will open and close smoothly.

  1. Turn on Power

The last step is to turn the power back on and test the garage door to make sure it is opening and closing properly.

When looking for a company to replace your garage door springs, it is essential to find a reputable company to make sure you're the garage door springs are installed correctly and safely.  The experts at San Antonio Overhead Pros have the knowledge and experience to properly install garage door springs to call today and schedule an appointment.

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