How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Panel On The Garage Door?

Garage Door Panel Repair

Cost To Replace Garage Door Panel

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Garage doors are used several thousand times a year, so it should not be surprising that they will require maintenance or repair.  Garage doors can become damaged for many reasons and replacing the entire garage door can be expensive, so if the option is available, it is more economical to replace the damaged panel instead of the whole door.  Listed below are some of the most common reasons garage door panels become damaged:


  • Weather

Since garage door panels are exposed to the elements, they can be damaged by weather.  If the garage door panels are constructed from wood moisture can cause them to rot and need replacing.  High winds and sunlight can also cause damage to the garage door panels, so it is essential to have the garage door panels inspected by a professional.

  • Impact

Accidents occur from time to time and cause damage to garage door panels.  Most commonly garage door panels can be damaged by an automobile hitting them, or many homeowners have basketball hoops attached to their garages, and the balls can hit the garage door panels causing damage.

  • Use

Over time and use garage door panels can become damaged and require replacing.  To help minimize the amount of damage that occurs, it is vital to have a professional inspect the door at least once a year.

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Broken Overhead Door Panel

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When damage occurs to your garage door, it is often more economical to have individual panels replaced as opposed to replacing the entire garage door.  The cost for replacing an individual garage door panel can vary depending on the material the garage door is constructed from, but the average cost per panel is between $250 to $800.  Listed below are some of the average panel replacement costs based on the material the garage door panel is constructed from.

Cost to Replace Garage Door Panel

  • Aluminum- $170 to $300 per panel
  • Fiberglass- $200 per panel
  • Wood- $400 per panel

While replacing a damaged panel is cheaper than replacing the entire garage door, it is important to understand that if your garage door is older, the materials or panels may no longer be available so it may be necessary to replace the entire panel.  If the entire garage door needs to be replaced, you can expect to spend from $900 to $1500, so it is important to get estimates from several companies before deciding on either replacing a single panel or the entire garage door.


If you find damage to your garage door, it is essential to call a professional and have the garage door inspected by a professional.  A professional garage door repair company will be able to determine if a single panel can be replaced or if it will be necessary to have the entire door replaced.  One company you can trust is San Antonio Overhead Pros, with a reputation you can trust and expertly trained technicians who have passed extensive background checks there is no better garage door repair company around.  Call San Antonio Overhead Pros today and schedule your free onsite estimate.

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