How To Keep Water From Entering Your Garage

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How To Keep Water From Entering Your Garage

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Unfortunately, many homeowners overlook the signs of water in their garages with devastating effects.  Because they generally require little maintenance, they are often not scrutinized as much as other parts of the home.  Even the smallest amounts of water can damage and destroy any surface, including concrete and wood.  Not only will water destroy many surfaces if not cleaned properly, but it can also lead to mold and mildew that can not only damage surfaces but cause significant health problems as well.  It is vital to make sure you are routinely inspecting this area for any signs of moisture or water and cleaning them up immediately.  If you find moisture or water and do not know what to do, you can always call the experts at San Antonio Overhead Pros, and our team of qualified experts will answer any questions you have and schedule a service call if required.  Listed below are some ways water can enter the garage and how to fix them.


Condensation occurs when the warm air makes contact with a cold surface, creating a vapor that turns into water.  This water can then make its way to any part of the garage, causing damage. A straightforward solution to the condensation problem is to use a dehumidifier.


Over time and exposure to the elements, the weatherstripping around the garage door can become cracked and brittle and will no longer keep the tight seal it was meant to, allowing water to enter.  Weatherstripping is easy to replace and can be purchased at any hardware store, so it is vital to inspect the weatherstripping and replace it when you find any signs of cracking.

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Floor Cracking

One often overlooked area of the garage that can lead to moisture entering is cracks in the floor.  Even the smallest cracks can allow condensation to penetrate and cause damage to anything in the room.  Luckily floor cracks are easy to repair, and you can fill them with water-resistant concrete patching compounds that can be purchased at any local hardware store.


Many homeowners use their garages for more than just storing their cars, and many include conveniences that require plumbing, including washers, sinks, toilets, and showers.  Unfortunately, anything that involves plumbing for water can lead to leaks, so it is crucial to have the plumbing routinely inspected before any major leaks occur, causing permanent damage.

Driveway Grade and Pitch

One way water can enter your garage is if its elevation sits lower than the driveway.  Referred to as driveway pitch, you will need to compensate for this by installing a channel drain, which will redirect water to keep it from entering.  Another culprit for allowing water to enter is if the grade of the driveway is higher when heavy rainfall occurs, it can accumulate in the driveway and flow under the door.  To fix this problem, you will need to lower the grade of the driveway.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding water or moisture in your garage, you can contact the professionals at San Antonio Overhead Pros and schedule an appointment today.

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