Keeping Your Garage Cool In Texas Heat

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Keeping Your Garage Cool In Texas Heat

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Texas summers can be long and hot, with temperatures reaching well into over 100 degrees, and one area of your home that is most susceptible to the heat is your garage.  Garages are more vulnerable to heat and tend to retain heat more than other parts of your house; because of this, you may be wasting money on unnecessary energy costs as they may be causing other parts of the house to be warmer than they should.  Luckily the experts at San Antonio Overhead Pros are experts when it comes to keeping garages cool in the hot Texas heat, and listed below are four ways to help keep your garage cool.

Air Conditioning

To keep your garage cooler in the hot Texas summers, you can choose to install air conditioning by either extending your home's air conditioning into your it or by installing a window air conditioner or portable unit.  Which option you choose will be determined by how much money you want to spend as extending your home's air conditioning will be the costliest choice and usually requires professional installation. At the same time, a window unit or portable unit is more economical, and you can install yourself.


A quick and easy way to keep the Texas heat out is to install weatherstripping.  Unfortunately, many garage doors do not provide a seal at the bottom of the door allowing a gap where heat can enter; to fix this, you can purchase weatherstripping, which is a self-adhesive tape you can apply to the bottom of the door creating a better seal. Weatherstripping is extremely useful because it will not only keep out the heat allowing it to be cooler, but in the winter, it will keep out the cold allowing your garage to be warmer.

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One way to help reduce the heat in your garage and improve the beauty of your landscape is to plant trees and other large foliage.  One reason garages become so hot in the Texas summers is that sunlight is beating down on them most of the day, to help reduce the amount of the sun hitting the door is to provide shade in the form of trees or other large plants.

Door Color

One economical and straightforward way to help keep your garage cool is to paint the door a light color.  Dark colors will absorb the rays of the sun and cause it to be hotter, conversely lighter colors do not absorb the sun's rays.  The best colors to choose are white, off-white, cream, or beige, but other light colors will work as well.

If you have any questions about what the best option is for your garage to help reduce the heat during the hot Texas summers contact San Antonio Overhead Pros, our expert staff is always available to answer any questions you may have and set up an appointment for a service call.

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