Reasons Why Your Garage Door is Not Working

Garage Door Repair

Reasons Why Your Garage Door is Not Working

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You have just spent a long day at work, you pull into your driveway and click the button on your garage door remote, and nothing happens, your try again nothing, frustration sets in as you now have to figure out what is wrong and fix it.  Sound familiar? I'm sure everyone homeowner has experienced this from time to time, and the experts at San Antonio Overhead Pros understand how inconvenient and frustrating this can be.  Listed below are some of the most common reasons why your garage door is not working.

Broken Springs

For the heavy door to open, it operates using a set of springs, and if these springs are damaged or broken, the door will not work.  Springs are under tension and can be extremely dangerous, so it is crucial to have them routinely inspected by an expert and replaced when they show signs of wear or damage.  Never try to fix springs yourself; you can cause injury to yourself and damage to your property.

Cable Issues

Along with springs, cables are used to open the heavy door properly, and often when a spring breaks, the cable will also break.  Like all other parts of the door, cables can become damaged and worn over time and use and should be routinely inspected by a professional.

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reason why garage door is not working

Photo-Eye Issues

A safety feature that was added to garage doors around 20 years ago is the photo-eye.  The photo-eye is responsible for detecting objects that are blocking the door, keeping it from closing completely. This feature was installed to prevent heavy doors from causing harm to children and adults who may inadvertently be in the path of the closing door.  Photo eyes can become misaligned or have dirt or debris on them, causing them to malfunction.  If the door does not close all the way and opens up again, it is most likely the photo-eye, and it should be checked.

Remote Control Problems

If you click your door remote and nothing happens, it may not be the door that is the problem; it could be the remote itself.  One of the most common reasons a remote will stop working is that the batteries need changing.  If changing the batteries does not solve the problem, the remote could be out of range, or the remote needs to be reprogrammed.

Track Issues

If the door is not working, it could be due to a problem with the track.  Over time and use, the track can become dirty and have debris preventing the door from moving properly along the track, or it may have become warped or misaligned again, not allowing the door to move correctly along the track.  The track also requires a significant amount of lubrication due to the friction that occurs when the door is moving across the track, be sure to routinely inspect it for debris, damage, and make sure there is enough lubricant.

If you are experiencing problems with your garage door opening and would like to have an expert come and diagnose the issue, you can count on the experts at San Antonio Overhead Pros to provide you with expert service and unmatched customer satisfaction.

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