Residential Garage Door Installation Pipe Creek

Garage Door Repair

Residential Garage Door Installation Pipe Creek

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Are you a resident of Pipe Creek, Texas, and are unsure if you need to replace your garage door?  Look no further than the experts at San Antonio Overhead Pros.  We have been proudly servicing the residents of Pipe Creek and the surrounding area for years. We have expertly trained technicians that can answer any residential door questions you may have.  Listed below are some indicators that you may need to have a new residential garage door installed.

Structural Damage

If you observe any structural damage to the door, it is best to have the door replaced.  Trying to repair structural damage can be costly, and it is better to have the entire door replaced.  Structural damage can occur for many reasons, including inclement weather, being struck by a car, or just age and use.  We have experienced technicians that can inspect your door and provide you with an estimate for repairing the structural damage or installing a new door.

Cosmetic Damage

Over time, use, and exposure to the weather garage door can develop cosmetic damage, including dents, scratches, cracks, and fading.  These cosmetic damages can reduce the curb appeal and lower the value of your home.  You can choose to have these cosmetic damages repaired, but often installing a new door is more appealing and can increase the value of your home.

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Garage Door Repair

residential garage door installation pipe creek


If you start to notice that your door is no longer functioning correctly and is slow to close and open or becomes stuck, it may be time to have a new door installed.  Garage doors that no longer function properly is not only frustrating, and inconvenient they can be a safety hazard as well.  One of our experienced technicians can inspect the door system and determine if replacing the door is your best option.

Energy Costs

Many homeowners fail to realize how much extra money they are spending on energy costs due to an old or damaged door.  The garage door is the largest entrance to your home and one of the most significant sources of energy loss.  New residential doors are manufactured with energy efficiency in mind, and installing a new door can reduce energy loss by as much as 70%.  We can send a technician to your residence to perform an energy analysis and provide you with different options for replacing and installing a new door.

If you are unsure if you want or need a new residential garage door installed, you can contact the experts at San Antonio Overhead Pros.  We have many styles and types of doors to choose from, and our experts have the experience and equipment to install any residential garage door safely and efficiently.  A new door will not only look great, adding curb appeal to your home, but it can save you money on energy costs as well.  You can count on the professionals at San Antonio Overhead Pros to provide you with the best prices and unmatched customer service, so call and schedule an appointment today.

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