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The beautiful city of Boerne Texas boasts a historical past that allows residents to enjoy the small-town aura while still being located close to San Antonio and all the big city conveniences.  If you enjoy the natural beauty and open-spaces, Boerne is a great place to purchase a home and put down roots.  At San Antonio Overhead Pros, we have proudly served the residents fo Boerne and the surrounding areas for years. We have a team of professionals with the education and experience to handle any residential door repair.  Listed below are some of the most common residential garage door problems we fix.

Weather Seal

Residential garage doors come with weatherstripping, which is responsible for forming a seal when the door is closed to keep out the elements, cold or hot air, insects, and debris.  Over time and use weatherstripping can become brittle and break and no longer form the tight seal.  Luckily this is a quick and relatively inexpensive fix, and our team of expert technicians will remove the old weatherstripping and replace it with new weatherstripping and make sure it creates the proper sea.


Residential garage doors operate using springs that utilize mechanical energy to raise and lower the heavy door.  Springs are essential for your residential door to function correctly and can be extremely dangerous if they break.  It is highly recommended to have a professional fix or replace the springs for your residential door to avoid injury or damage to property.  At San Antonio Overhead Pros, we have a team of expert technicians who have the experience and equipment to properly fix or replace springs ensuring that the job is done correctly and reducing the chance of injury or damage to property.

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Cables are an essential component of a residential garage door and work with the springs to raise and lower the heavy door.  Cables are constructed from several individual wires wound together to create a more durable, thicker cable able to withstand the extreme weight of the residential door.  Over time, these cables can become worn and fray; if they are not replaced, they can snap and cause damage to property and injury to individuals who are unfortunate to be in their path.  Like springs, cables are under tension and can be dangerous, so it is crucial to have a professional repair and replace the residential door cables.  We have a team of experts who can safely and properly service your residential door cables.

Preventative Maintenance

At San Antonio Overhead Pros, we understand how frustrating and inconvenient residential garage door problems can be, so we offer a variety of preventative maintenance plans.  Our team of expert technicians will come and inspect your residential door system and locate any defects or damage that needs to be repaired, as well as clean and lubricate the system to ensure it is operating at its best and extending the longevity of your residential garage door system.

The experts at San Antonio Overhead Pros are proud to provide the best service available at reasonable prices.  We are here to ensure our residential customers have a safe and reliable garage door and are available to answer any questions or concerns they may have.

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