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Comfort is located in the lovely Hill Country region of Texas, and its central location makes it a great place to live and commute.  Boasting beautiful scenic drives to San Antonio, Fredericksburg, Boerne, and Kerrville, Comfort provides small-town living and a great family atmosphere while still being close to larger cities for work or play.  Comfort is known for its numerous historic buildings that were built before 1910 by the famous architect Alfred Giles.  The professionals at San Antonio Overhead Pros are proud to service this lovely community and all their residential door repair needs.  Listed below are some of the more common residential garage door problems we handle.

Noisy Door

One common problem we are called to is that of a noisy door.  Residential garage doors will make different noises for a variety of reasons, and our team of expert technicians have the education and experience to accurately diagnose noisy door problems and fix them.  A noisy door can be fixed as simply as properly lubricating the system or as complicated as replacing the entire track.  It is essential to consult a professional to properly asses the door and fix it properly to ensure the safety of your family and property.

Frozen Door

There is nothing more frustrating than a residential door that is frozen and will not raise or lower.  Whether this is due to the door being actually frozen from the moisture buildup that has frozen locking the door in place or from bent or misaligned tracks, it is crucial to hire a professional to assess the situation.  Trying to fix the problem yourself could cause more expensive repairs or worse injuries.  Our team of expert technicians has dealt with a variety of frozen residential garage doors in Comfort and can quickly assess and fix the problem.

Broken Glass

Residential garage doors that have glass can become broken in a variety of ways, age, inclement weather, or a stay baseball or football, no matter what caused the glass to break our team of technicians can quickly replace the glass.

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In 1993 garage doors were required to have sensors installed that will detect objects in the path of the door causing it to open instead of lowering on the object.  This safety feature was in response to the numerous injuries and deaths associate with heavy doors coming down on children and adults.  If you are unsure if your residential door is equipped with these sensors or want to make sure the sensors are working correctly, you can call the experts at San Antonio Overhead Pros. We will evaluate the door and make sure it has the proper safety features installed.


Older residential garage doors operate with a remote that has a single code leaving it vulnerable to criminals looking for an easy place to enter.  Modern doors and door openers operate with a code that changes, making it extremely difficult for criminals to penetrate.  If you are worried about safety, call the experts at San Antonio Overhead Pros, and one of our technicians will come and assess the security features of your residential door.

The experts at San Antonio Overhead pros have the education and experience to quickly and safely diagnose and repair any residential garage door issues you may be experiencing.  You can count on us to provide the best possible service, with customer satisfaction being our top priority.

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