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Owning a commercial building or business is a great responsibility, so it is vital that your building is routinely inspected and any repairs diagnosed and fixed.  An essential component of many commercial buildings is the commercial garage doors.  Commercial garage doors not only allow for foot traffic they also provide a place for delivery, as well as a place to store equipment and vehicles.  A malfunctioning commercial garage door can cause many problems, so it is crucial to have a professional like San Antonio Overhead Pros come out and inspect the commercial garage doors to diagnose and fix any issues before they affect the business.

Commercial Garage Door Repair

At San Antonio Overhead Pros, we know how important it is that nothing detracts for the running of your business, so we offer commercial garage door maintenance plans.  Our maintenance plans allow you to find and repair any problems with your commercial garage doors before they negatively affect your business.  Call San Antonio Overhead Pros today and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff about our commercial garage door maintenance plans.

Commercial garage doors are always in use, and due to their size and function may need repairs from time to time.  It is essential to have the commercial garage doors routinely inspected before they malfunction resulting is lost time and profit.  At San Antonio Overhead Pros we have highly skilled and trained technicians that specialize in the following types of commercial garage door repairs:

  • Broken Transmitters
  • Damaged Cables
  • Damaged Door Panel
  • Damaged Garage Door Motor
  • Damaged Rollers
  • Damaged Torsion Spring
  • Damaged Weather Stripping
  • Improper Track Alignment
  • Misaligned Photo Eye

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Commercial Broken Spring Repair

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The purpose of the springs in your garage door is to offset the weight of the garage door allowing the garage door to open a close easily.  With these springs continuously being sometimes used several times a day, it is no wonder that they will break or malfunction from time to time.  It is imperative that if you suspect you are having issues with your garage door springs that you call a professional right away to have the springs inspected.  Not only are garage door springs under tension, but they are also supporting the weight of the garage door, which can be hundreds of pounds and can cause extensive property damage and injury.  It is also crucial that you never leave a garage door open that you suspect it may have a problem with the springs as this creates a hazardous situation.  At San Antonio Overhead Pros we know how frustrating a malfunctioning garage door can be and we put customer safety as our highest priority and offer 24/7 emergency service.  Don’t put our family or business at unnecessary risk call today and schedule a free estimate if you suspect you have broken or damaged garage door springs.

There is probably nothing more frustrating than coming home from work on a cold winter day, pulling up to your garage door clicking your garage door remote and nothing happens.  At San Antonio Overhead Pros, we know how frustrating and inconvenient it can be when your garage door fails to function correctly.  Our team of expertly trained and experienced garage door technicians can diagnose and fix any garage door problem you may be experiencing.  To provide our customers with the best possible service, we not only offer 24/7 emergency service, but we also include a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  Call San Antonio Overhead Pros today and schedule your free onsite estimate and never be left out in the cold again.

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