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Conveniently located near San Antonio Texas is the lovely community of Shavano Park.  With a population of approximately 3000 residents, Shavano Park is located on the edge of the famous Texas Hill Country.  With plenty of beautiful scenery and activities, the entire family can enjoy this small community takes great pride in their beautiful homes.  At San Antonio Overhead Pros we have provided garage door services to Shavano Park and the surrounding areas.

At San Antonio Overhead Pros we carry the parts and supplies required to fix all types of commercial and residential types.  If you have an older one, we are more than happy to fix it for you, but you may want to consider purchasing and installing a new one  They have advanced over the years, and while our old one may be functional, it might lack some of the modern conveniences that newer models have.


Listed below are some reasons why you may want to purchase and install a new one instead of continually fixing your old one:

  • Security

Older model styles often used the same signal code for remote entry, leaving you at risk for break-ins and theft.  New ones have codes that change, making it nearly impossible for would-be thieves to duplicate the code and gain easy entry to your home, ensuring your family and property are safe.

  • Less Noise

Older ones while convenient are often very noisy.  New types operate much more quietly.

  • Keypad Entry

New styles have the option of installing a keypad, making it easier for you to enter your garage by simply entering a code.  Older models require a physical key for you to gain entry so you would have to make sure you had the key on you.  Newer models have keypads that are accessible through a code, touch, or fingerprint, making access easier and safer.

  • Smart-Home Features

A modern feature that is making our lives easier, and our home accessories easily accessible is smart-home features.  New styles can be programmed for Wi-Fi and cell-phone connectivity allowing for remote access to it and the ability to open or close it on your smart device.  They can also provide you with time, temperature, lock-down modes, and motion-sensor light control which allow you to control its features from anywhere.

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In addition to your house, one of the first things visitors see is it, so it's essential to make sure the style is not only functional but is aesthetically pleasing as well.  The last thing you want is to have an immaculate home and impeccable landscaping, only to have a worn out or damaged one. At San Antonio Overhead Pros, we can install a new custom one that will add to the beauty and value of your home.  With a custom style, you can design the door that will compliment your home and are available in the following styles:

  • Carriage House
  • Contemporary
  • Raised-Panel
  • Traditional

The styles above are available in the following materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass
  • Full View Glass
  • Steel
  • Vinyl
  • Wood

We offer decorative hardware in the following styles:

  • Adirondack
  • Americana
  • Rustic
  • Traditional

When designing your custom door in addition to type, material, and hardware, you can choose the color, insulation, or emblem to ensure you have the perfect functioning and appealing style.  Call San Antonio Overhead Pros today and speak with one of our expert staff about installation.

The expert technicians at San Antonio Overhead Pros have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and fix any commercial or residential fix that may be required.  Our staff of expert technicians will arrive at your appointment in vehicles that are fully stocked with parts to allow them to fix it quickly and safely.  If our technician does not have the part required to fix it rest assured, we will do everything in our power to locate and install the part as quickly as possible to help minimize any inconveniences our clients experience due to a malfunctioning one.  We offer free written estimates, and our technicians will not try and sell you products or service you do not require, and as always, all our work is backed with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  Call San Antonio Overhead Pros today and speak with one of our expert staff and schedule an appointment today to have your door inspected and fixed.

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