Garage Door Repair Shavano Park, TX

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Garage Door Repair Shavano Park, TX

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After years of experiencing working on garage doors in Shavano Park, Texas, our team at San Antonio Overhead Pros knows a thing a two about repairs and installations. Our first piece of insight to share with you? All garage doors need repairs and replacements eventually. Yes, even the most expensive and luxurious doors. Plus, despite your best efforts at maintenance, you’ll need to call in the professionals at one point or another. Maybe you accidentally backed into your garage door and need a new panel? It’s okay we’ve all been there. Or maybe you find yourself stumped at the cause of its recent malfunction? No matter the cause, we’re at your service for all your repairs and replacements. In the many years we’ve served this community, we’ve seen a lot—some common repairs more than others.

For example, garage door springs have always and will always be a common issue for overhead doors. Springs are a critical part of the entire garage door system, and if they are broken or have snapped, you can find yourself in quite a jam. Although the term “spring” may sound simple, this is not a repair that should ever be attempted by any homeowner or property owner. Considering the weight of your door, at any moment during a spring repair that door can come crashing down. With the proper training and the right equipment, our technicians can perform your spring repairs with ease. Not only that, but we’ll take care of the calibration and ensure that the remaining springs in your garage door are in good operating condition.

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Installing a New Garage Door

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Another issue we come across quite frequently involves automatic openers. In today’s day and age, almost everyone has an automatic garage door opener in their home and maybe even installed in their commercial property. While we don’t give these much thought on a day-to-day basis, when they start acting up they can be a huge burden on our lives. We know your first thought when your garage door opener stops working: “Oh, I just need to change the batteries.” While we hope this is the cause for you, we know that not everyone gets this lucky. After checking the batteries in all your remotes and doubling checking that nothing is blocking your sensors, it’s time to call in the big guns: our experts at San Antonio Overhead Pros.

At this point, you may be thinking that caring for your garage door seems like quite a hassle. While maintenance can prevent many of these issues from occurring, you will find yourself in need of either repairs or replacements eventually. When this happens, our staff at San Antonio Overhead Pros will be here to answer your call. We will work with you every step of the way in the process to either repair or replace your door.  We never leave our customers stranded, locked out, or frustrated with their doors after we’re done with it. Our goal is 100 percent customer satisfaction and 100 percent resolution to any of your garage door issues.

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