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Located in Comal County Texas is the lovely community of Smithson Valley.  Known for its excellent school system, an influx of residents from San Antonio began to move to Smithson Valley in the 1990s.  Smithson Valley is an excellent place to put down roots and raise a family.  The residents enjoy a close-knit community and take pride in maintaining their lovely neighborhoods.  The experts at San Antonio Overhead Pros have been providing excellent garage door service to the residents of Smithson Valley and the surrounding areas for years.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Homeowners rely on their garage door opener to operate an average of 1500 times a year correctly, and this amount of use can lead to damage requiring repairs.  To endure that your garage door is working safely and precisely it is vital to have it inspected annually by a professional service like San Antonio Overhead Pros.  Our company takes pride in providing our customers with the best service available, and our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee backs all our services.  Call today and speak with one of our expert staff and schedule an appointment today.

Garage Door Installation

Whether you need to replace your garage door due to age or damage or if you want to update the style or look of your garage, the experts at San Antonio Overhead Pros have the knowledge and experience to replace any garage door required.  Our expert staff of technicians will answer any questions you have and offer advice based on their years of experience working with and installing garage doors.  For a free onsite estimate call and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members today.

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Garage Door Repair

Garage doors are used at least twice daily if not more meaning, it will be necessary to have them repaired on occasion.  While it may be tempting to save money by repairing your garage door yourself, it can be hazardous and is best left to the experts like San Antonio Overhead Pros.  Garage doors are heavy and mounted to the ceiling of your garage so it will be necessary to use tall ladders both scenarios can lead to injuries if the individuals fixing the garage door lack the experience and knowledge.  Listed below are some of the most dangerous garage door repairs and should only be done by a professional:


  • Replacing Garage Door Panel

Replacing garage door panels are more complicated than people think, and with garage door panels weighing into the 100's of pounds, it is necessary to have the proper knowledge and equipment to avoid injury.

  • Fixing a Bent Track

The garage door track allows the garage door to operate smoothly and can become bent, causing the door to no longer open and close.

  • Replacing Springs

Garage door springs are responsible for balancing the weight of the garage door by using mechanical energy and without the proper knowledge to repair or replace them they can break and release this energy in unpredictable ways causing injury.

  • Replacing Rollers

Garage door rollers are always in motion, and due to use they can become damaged or broken.  Without proper knowledge of garage door repair you can replace the rollers only to find out they are a symptom of a more significant problem and you just wasted your time and risked injury for no reason.

  • Replacing Broken Cables

Garage door cables are necessary for your garage door to open and close and are constantly under pressure from the heavy door so trying to fix them yourself can be extremely dangerous.  If you do not have the proper expertise or tools to fix the cables yourself, they could snap and cause serious injury either from the cable itself or from the heavy garage door falling either way; it is best to call an expert who can fix the problem easier and safer


To keep you and your family safe and your garage door working correctly you can count on the experts at San Antonio Overhead Pros, call today and schedule your free onsite estimate.

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