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Located in the area know as the Texas Hill Country lies the quaint community of Spring Branch Texas.  The lovely community provides its residents with small-town charm while located conveniently near San Antonio Texas for any large city conveniences they may require.  With plenty of restaurants, parks, and the beautiful Guadalupe River Spring Branch is a lovely place to own a home or business.  At San Antonio Overhead Pros, we take great pride in providing the best business garage door repair available.


Business Garage Door Repair                                                                             

The expert technicians at San Antonio Overhead Pros will do everything in their power to repair it but there are times when repairs may be ineffective or too expensive, and it may be time to install a new door.  Having the proper commercial door is vital to the success of your business and listed below are different types of doors and which companies they are best suited for:

  • Steel Sectional

One of the strongest ones on the market steel sectional doors are built with durability in mind.  These energy-efficient doors can withstand extreme conditions and are an excellent choice for warehouses.

  • Aluminum Sectional

One of the more aesthetically pleasing commercial garage doors, aluminum sectionals is often constructed with large windows that provide plenty of natural sunlight.  These lightweight commercial garage doors are an excellent choice for auto dealerships, fire stations, or restaurants.

  • Rolling Fire Door

Constructed with safety in mind, rolling fire doors are attached to an alarm system that will cause the garage door to automatically close when the alarm goes off to help keep occupant safe and minimize damage to the building.  This type of commercial door is an excellent choice for educational buildings, hotels, or healthcare facilities.

  • High-Speed Doors

Constructed with security and convenience in mind, high-speed doors open and close quickly allowing for better traffic flow.  Due to their ability to open and close quickly, these doors are more energy-efficient, allowing for better climate control, making them an excellent choice for distribution facilities, warehouses, and manufacturing buildings.

  • Security Shutter

Constructed to be durable and easy to secure, security shutters are the best choice for buildings with high pedestrian traffic as they can help shield the building from break-ins and theft.  Security shutters come in a variety of styles with varying levels of visibility, making them an excellent choice for schools, offices, hospitals, or pharmacies.

At San Antonio Overhead Pros we know how important a properly functioning door is to the success of a business and we provide annual service plans as well as installation of new ones better suited for your business.  For a free onsite estimate call and make an appointment today.

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Commercial Broken Spring Repair

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Garage Door Repair

There is no worse feeling than loading up the car and getting ready for a day of outdoor fun along the Guadalupe River only to find yourself stuck in the garage due to a malfunctioning garage door.  Luckily the experts at San Antonio Overhead Pros are only a phone call away and to better service our customers we provide 24/7 emergency services.  The best way to avoid this situation is to have a yearly maintenance plan so you can find and repair any garage door issues before they leave you inconvenienced and with unexpected costs.  At San Antonio, Overhead Pros customer satisfaction is one of our highest priorities, and all our work is backed by 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  Call today and schedule an appointment for San Antonio Overhead Pros to inspect your garage door.

Broken Spring Repair

One of the most common and most dangerous service calls the experts at San Antonio Overhead Pros respond to is damaged or broken springs.  Garage door springs are responsible for storing mechanical energy and allowing the heavy garage door to open and close, when they break, they release the stored mechanical energy and can cause damage to property or injury.  The best way to ensure the safety of your family and property is to have your garage door springs inspected at least once a year to catch any problems or damage before they become a safety issue.  The expert technicians at San Antonio Overhead Pros can quickly and safely diagnose and repair any broken or damaged garage door springs, and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee backs all our work.

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