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What is the Best Garage Door

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Determining which garage door is best for your residence will be based on several factors, including the style of the house, the purpose of the garage, and the material of the door.  There are many types and styles of doors on the market, as well as the ability to create custom doors to suit any aesthetic. The number of choices can become overwhelming, so it is recommended to consult with a professional company like San Antonio Overhead Pros.  By consulting with an expert, you can express your needs and wants, and their experience will help guide you to the perfect door, plus they can build and install it as well.  To help better understand the types of doors on the market, listed below are some types of doors and materials used to help decide what garage door is best.




While this style was initially designed for "traditional" homes, its raised symmetrical panels provide a look that is appealing to all styles of homes.

Carriage House

The original garages were transformed carriage houses, so it is not surprising that the carriage house style is popular.  Characterized by their rustic and barn-like features provide a unique appearance that will enhance the aesthetic of any home.


Contemporary doors are clean and blend tradition with innovation to provide a more sophisticated look.  This style of the door often comes with borders and combines materials for a unique look.


Raised-panel is the most common door on the market and features a set of symmetrical raised panels that provide a clean look.  These doors are easy to maintain and can be painted to match the home.

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The natural beauty of wood doors come in many styles and adds curb appeal.


Similar to steel but less expensive, aluminum is long-lasting and easy to maintain.


Available in many different styles, steel doors are affordably priced and are low maintenance.


Full View Glass

Allowing for more light to enter these doors and provide a more contemporary look without sacrificing security.


Vinyl requires very little maintenance and is more difficult to break or dent than other materials.


These doors come in many different designs and are impervious to dents, can be painted, and are resistant to rust.


Composite doors have the strength of steel but can be stained or painted.


A simple and economical way to enhance the look of any garage door is by selecting a specific style of hardware. You can add handles, hinges, latches, pulls, decorative nails, or any other type of hardware to change the look and feel of the door.  By adding straps to the sides of a traditional door, you can make it look like it is a carriage door that would swing open.  Hardware is a great way to add curb appeal without being expensive.

Whether you prefer a simple standard panel door or desire a custom door to suit your design aesthetic, the experts at San Antonio Overhead Pros can provide you with the service you desire and customer satisfaction you deserve.  Before deciding on what garage door you want to install, call today, and schedule an appointment with one of our experts to ensure you purchase the best garage door for your needs.

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