Commercial Garage Door Installation Pipe Creek

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Commercial Garage Door Installation Pipe Creek

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Located in the lovely area of Texas known as the Texas Hill Country, Pipe Creek is an unincorporated community founded in 1870.  Conveniently located near San Antonio Texas, the 9193 residents of Pipe Creek get the best of both worlds small-town living with easy access to big-city amenities.  The experts at San Antonio Overhead Pros understand how important commercial business is to Pipe Creek. They are proud to provide commercial garage door installation at prices you can afford and unmatched service.  Listed below are some of the types of commercial garage doors we install.

Steel Sectional

Steel sectional commercial doors are energy-efficient doors that can withstand extreme weather, making them an excellent choice for any business.  While they are most commonly found in warehouses and other buildings that receive much traffic, they can be installed in any commercial building or business.

Aluminum Sectional

Aluminum sectional commercial doors combine function and beauty and are constructed with large windows that allow in natural sunlight.  These aesthetically pleasing commercial doors also enable customers to look inside and employees to look outside and will aid in attracting business. As well as allowing customers to view the inside of the company.  While aluminum sectionals are most often used for restaurants, auto dealerships, and fire stations, they can be installed in any commercial building.

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Garage Door Repair

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Rolling Fire Door

Rolling fire doors are unique commercial doors that are built with safety in mind.  These commercial doors come equipped with alarm systems programmed to automatically close the doors to help minimize damage to the commercial building and keep the individuals inside the building safe.  Rolling fire doors are most commonly installed in hotels, healthcare facilities, and educational buildings, but can be installed in any commercial building.

High-Speed Doors

High-Speed commercial doors are designed to open and close quickly, therefore, improving the traffic flow through the building.  These commercial doors were also designed with safety in mind and provide added security as the doors operate quickly; they do not allow much time for anyone to try and gain unauthorized access to the building.  High-Speed commercial doors also help save on energy costs as the doors are not open for extended periods minimizing the amount of warm or cold air that can escape the building.  High-Speed doors are often installed in warehouses, manufacturing, or distribution facilities but can be installed in any commercial building.

Security Shutter

Security shutters are commercial doors that are installed in businesses that have high pedestrian traffic and require an extra layer of security.  These commercial doors are available in different styles and varying levels of visibility and are designed to help protect the business from break-ins and theft.  Security shutters are most often installed in hospitals, pharmacies, schools, and offices, but can be installed in any commercial building.

If you live in Pipe Creek and are looking to have commercial garage doors installed, look no further than the experts at San Antonio Overhead Pros.  Our team of highly skilled and experienced technicians can provide any information you require to choose the commercial door that best suits your business needs, and we offer great prices on installation.

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