Garage Door Repair Schertz, TX

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Garage Door Repair Schertz, TX

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Here at San Antonio Garage Door Pros, we have experience with every type of garage door and every type of garage door opener system in Schertz, TX. From residential to commercial, industrial to rolling steel, and everything else in between—we’ll seen it all, so we can fix it all. Likewise, we specialize in brand new installations or replacements for current garage doors. Often we find that many of our customers, particularly homeowners, come to us when their house in on the market and they are looking to sell quick. As anyone knows whose kept up with recent real estate trends, curb appeal is king. There’s no denying that most garage doors take up the majority of the front on most homes. If this is the case with your home, then it’s likely that your garage door also makes a huge impact on the overall visual appearance of your property.

If you live in an older home, you may think that a new coat of paint will do the trick to give your garage door the refresh it need. Unfortunately, this isn’t a long-term solution to your problem. Paint may solve the problem momentarily, but what happens when you door begins to act up? Or if that coat of paint quickly begins to chip. Then you’ll be right back at square one. Instead of trying to save an extra buck in the immediate, you’ll want to think about an investment into the future of your home. Not only will a replacement garage door look better, but it will also function better, too. You won’t have to worry about old springs or other outdated parts beginning to break, and you’ll have a reliable entrance to your home that won’t suddenly disrupt your day-to-day life if it malfunctions.

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Installing a New Garage Door

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If your door is in needs of repairs instead of a replacement, we can help with that too. Most often we find that a lot of our service calls can be resolved with just simple repairs instead of full replacements—which saves money for our customers; however, when repairs become frequent and repetitive, that can cause bigger issues. If you’re constantly paying for repairs, you’re going to want to reevaluate the situation. While easy fixes like garage door springs are one thing, the overall structure of your door is another.

Along with springs, another common part of garage doors that malfunction is rollers. These can easily become bent or broken. When it happens, you’ll notice that it’s hard to open and close your garage door—and it because very loud. Roller repairs need to be precise if they are going to be resolved safely and effectively. Luckily, our team has repaired and reinstalled countless garage door rollers throughout the years and it has become second nature. So as with all other overhead door repairs, don’t try to fix this yourself. Call our staff instead and let us work our magic. For all your repair and installation needs in Schertz, San Antonio Garage Door Pros are here for you.

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