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San Antonio Overhead Pros offer professional garage door repair installation for both residential and commercial customers. While many of our competitors are simply trying to make a quick buck, we go above and beyond for our customers, and also offer extended service for those who aren’t in the immediate San Antonio area. This means that we offer service in Stone Oak, Spring Branch, Alamo Heights, Boerne Fair Oaks Ranch, The Dominion and other communities around San Antonio.

We are proud to be family-owned and operated since our beginning, and we completely understand the needs of the consumer and do our best to ensure complete customer satisfaction. For those who actually have a commercial construction project, or simply need extensive home repair, we truly know understand how sacred and important your home and business can be to your family and livelihood. We make sure that the customer is aware of all options and are happy to provide our customers with all of the knowledge to make an informed decision.

Our staff has an unbelievable amount of combined years of experience. Whether you are searching for the most technologically advanced and high-quality ones, require a specific custom one for whatever reason, or simply are looking for a reliable and durable one, we have you covered.

Thanks to technology, a new automatic garage door opener, now allows us all to enter and exit our homes comfortably and conveniently; however, the last thing that anyone wants is to put their family’s safety at risk thanks to a faulty one. Even if it might not sound like an immediate threat, there is no reason to not contact our team, full of true professionals, to make sure that everything is safe and sound.

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Residential Overhead Door Repair

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We certainly are not here to take service and repairs lightly, considering that we have made our dedication to these residential garage services our livelihood. Our team understands that they are about much more than simply aesthetics, but it also means a new level of safety and security for your family. We want to keep it that way. Be sure to contact our team so that we can ensure that they are always working at their best—whether it involves an opener, broken springs, or any other aspect.

Our staff understands that it is an important part of your home that you rely on. So, we want you to rely on us to make sure it's fixed correctly and functioning at optimal safety and efficiency. The garage door is an essential barrier between your family and the outside environment, and that’s why we offer world-class garage door repair and service. No matter what kind of make or model you have; there’s a solid chance that we know exactly what to do to improve and repair it. We also have extremely affordable rates so your family doesn’t have to stress about the cost of their safety—and we are not here to play games. If you don’t need a fix, we will be upfront and honest about it, and when we do a job, we certainly aim to fix it the first time—we pride ourselves on that.

We will never be misleading when it comes to what fixes are needed, or the cost of the said repairs. Our staff understands that you work hard for your money, and are here to offer our expertise—as needed. Of course, if it cannot close at all in a safe manner—this is a very concerning issue, and all necessary fixes are needed. There are also other situations where you might need to update your system, or your opener. We also understand when it’s time to make the right repairs, depending on the amount of time you have been using the same one, how much wear and tear is involved, and whether too much moisture or debris is simply rendering it ineffective.

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Residential Garage Door Installation

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Are you looking for residential garage door installation? The truth is that there are all sorts of reasons to replace it. You might want to switch things up, because you have been used to same decor for years. You might want to update it to make sure that you are “up-to-date” technologically with safety and security standards. Of course, the environment also plays a role, and extensive moisture from humidity, rain, snow, or sleet could obviously cause rust, as well. Whether it is simply becoming too unattractive, or is no longer effective, replacing corroded ones with a new one might be key to your family’s safety, and also will improve the overall aesthetic of your home.

We see all too well what age and wear can do to them. We also understand when it simply needs to be replaced, and we know exactly what ones work in certain situations, and take our responsibilities very seriously. All of our technicians are ready and willing to help your family find the right options, whether you are searching for one of a certain color, style, size, and more.

You also might find that a new one does give your home a whole new “look”, which could potentially increase its curb appeal, and even improve your home value. Whether you are searching for the right color tone or find the perfect one to match the architecture of your home—you might be surprised at the kind of value that we can add.

Commercial Overhead Door Repair

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For those with a business or commercial property who have issues, one of the greatest things about our company is that we are essentially a one-stop shop that can take care of everything for you. If you have an issue of a broken spring, we have your commercial garage door repair covered. If you are looking for new reparations from experienced professionals, we can help. We also understand that when it comes to businesses and commercial properties, often times, time is of the essence. That’s why we can provide immediate service to help ensure the satisfaction of everyone involved.

One of the main issues that we have seen are broken springs. There are all sorts of reasons for broken springs, and it might be because of the weather, overall wear, or simply lack of proper maintenance. For example, if it isn’t moving, or you happened to have heard a loud “snap” associated with it - this is likely the issue. We must point out that while you may believe you can save a few bucks by doing it yourself - spring replacement can be extremely dangerous if you are not a knowledgeable professional. We would strongly urge you to contact us immediately, considering that a misaligned one can also often lead to other issues that affect the overall system in general, as well.

We also urge you to contact us as soon as you sense something wrong. Just like many other maintenance issues, the longer you wait, the more wear and tear might be involved. We truly can save you money by addressing the issue in a timely manner, so that you don’t end up spending more money because of additional damage. Our technicians are here to help you fix all issues involved, as quickly as possible, so contact us as soon as possible.

New Commercial Overhead Doors

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We understand that you want it to last for a long time, in addition to being secure and durable. Whether you are searching for an accessory, or a whole new commercial garage door installation - we always have an extensive selection of products that you need, no matter what your issue is. We are also committed to excellent and prompt service, and that it is a priority, not just another job that can wait.

First things first; whether you are thinking about a residential or commercial one, you have to first consider the right material. Of course, this will depend on your budget and needs, but you should aim to find one that will last for the longest possible amount of time and that is still affordable for you. This also means choosing a one that isn’t susceptible to damage, whether this means small dents or large breaks. Each material also has certain “grades,” that vary in quality and price.

We can help you find whatever you need. Own a car wash? We have styles tailored for that type of use. We also have warehouse ones for every kind of commercial facility imaginable. We have a wide range of options thanks to our network of manufacturers, which includes some of the most respected brands in the industry. No matter what your needs or budget, we have exactly what you need, and can help you make the right decision.





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