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Boerne Texas is a quaint town with a downtown area that boasts several businesses that include restaurants, shops, and period era buildings.  Included in this small town atmosphere is a variety of community events, including concerts and festivals.  This resident-friendly community is a great place to have a commercial building or business, and the experts at San Antonio Overhead Pros are proud to provide vital services to the residents and businesses alike.  We understand that a malfunctioning commercial garage door can cost a business valuable time and money, so we have a team of expert technicians available with the education and experience to fix any commercial garage door problem you may encounter.  Listed below are some of the most common issues we are called for.


Rollers are responsible for smoothly guiding the heavy garage door along the track as it raises and lowers.  Over time and repeated use, the rollers can become worn and broken, and the door will no longer operate correctly.  Dirty tracks and lack of lubricant can also cause the rollers to no longer function properly.  The experts at San Antonio Overhead Pros have the knowledge and experience to properly clean, lubricate, and replace worn rollers and make sure your commercial door is functioning correctly.

Torsion Spring

One of the more common problems we are called for, damaged or broken torsion springs will cause the commercial door to no longer work.  The torsion springs are responsible for providing the proper power to lift the heavy commercial door.  Torsion springs store mechanical energy to have the power to raise and lower the heavy door. It is crucial to hire a professional to repair and replace them because if they break, they can cause severe injury and damage to property.

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commercial garage door repair boerne texas

Damaged Panel

For a business image is everything, and the last thing you want your customers to see is broken or damaged commercial garage door panels.  Most commercial doors are composed of a series of panels connected together, so replace the damaged panel is an easy fix and will keep your business looking great.


Commercial garage doors operate by running along a metal track, and over time and repeated use, this track can become damaged or bend, causing it to be out of alignment.  If the track is misaligned, the heavy door will not be able to raise and lower properly.  Most often, our team of expert technicians can find and replace the part of the track that is damaged without replacing the entire track.


Worn Cables

Commercial garage doors have cables that aid the torsion springs to properly raise and lower the massive door as well as safety cables that help keep the heavy door from falling should one or more of the springs fail.  Like torsion springs, cables are under pressure and require a professional to fix or replace to avoid injury or damage to property.  For safety reasons, we recommend having cables inspected at least once a year.

If you are experiencing any commercial garage door problems, you can count on the experts at San Antonio Overhead Pros to diagnose and fix any issue that is keeping your door from functioning correctly.

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