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Conveniently located near San Antonio Texas is the lovely community of Hollywood Park.  With a population of around 3000 residents, this is an excellent place to put down roots.  With plenty of community activities as well as quaint coffee shops, restaurants, and parks, Hollywood Park is an excellent place for young families to retirees.  The residents take great pride in keeping their community safe and looking great.  San Antonio Overhead Pros are proud to service the residents of Hollywood Park with the best possible service and installation.

San Antonio Overhead Pros we know how vital it is to a business to have correctly functioning doors. Broken or malfunctioning ones can lead to a loss of business and therefore profits, so it is essential to make sure they are routinely inspected for problems or defects and fixed as quickly as possible. The experts at San Antonio Overhead Pros employ a staff of expert technicians who specialize in professional services. Listed below are the most common issues our technicians respond to:

  • Broken Transmitters
  • Damaged Cables
  • Damaged Panel
  • Damaged Opener
  • Damaged Rollers
  • Damaged Torsion Spring
  • Damaged Weather Stripping
  • Improper Track Alignment
  • Misaligned Photo Eye
  • Power Supply Problems

To diagnose and fix issues before they can affect your business, San Antonio Overhead Pros have preventative maintenance plans available for all types.   A properly functioning one not only keeps your business running smoothly it will also keep employees and customers safe so call San Antonio Overhead Pros today and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff about your maintenance plans.

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Broken Springs

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A malfunctioning one can affect your business by being a major headache and a potential loss of money.  Not only is this inconvenient it can be dangerous as well putting you and your family at risk for injury.  The experts at San Antonio Overhand Pros place safety as our highest priority, and our team of technicians can properly assess and fix all types.  Our technicians have the knowledge, experience, tools, and vehicles stocked with parts to provide the best service for our customers.  If you suspect an issue with it or want it inspected to keep it from malfunctioning call San Antonio Overhand Pros today to schedule your free estimate.

One of the most common and most dangerous problems is that of damaged and broken springs.  There are many reasons why springs malfunction, including improper installment, weather, age, and the most common wear and tear from use.  We count on them to open and close hundreds of times each year and springs are responsible for controlling the weight of it so it can open and close so it should be no surprise that they will require a fix or replacement.  Many homeowners prefer to complete home fixes themselves, but fixing and replacing springs can be extremely dangerous and should be done by a professional.  At San Antonio Overhead Pros we know how hazardous damaged and broken springs can be and we have a team of expert technicians with the educations, experience, and equipment to assess and fix springs accurately.  Call today and speak with one of our expert staff and schedule a free estimate today.

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