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The community of Timberwood Park Texas is in the beautiful foothills in the famous Texas Hill Country.  This close-knit community is one of the most beautiful in Texas and with its convenient location near San Antonio, residents can live in a small community while still having access to all the amenities and conveniences the large city offers.  Residents of Timberwood Park take pride in their homes and community.  To help residents keep their homes in the best condition possible, the experts at San Antonio Overhead Pros offer the best garage door services at reasonable prices.

Garage Door Opener Repair

There is no worse feeling than pulling into your driveway on a hot Texas summer day only to find out that your garage door opener is not working.  To prevent this unfortunate situation from occurring the experts at San Antonio Overhead pros offer garage door opener maintenance plans designed to inspect and find any garage door opener problems and fix them before you are stuck out in the heat.  For your free onsite estimate call and speak with one of our expert team members and schedule an appointment today with the leading garage door opener company in the area, San Antonio Overhead Pros.

Garage Door Installation

If your garage door has been damaged beyond repair or if you want to change the look or upgrade your existing garage door, the experts at San Antonio Overhead Pros have the experience and equipment to install any garage door.  There are many types of garage doors on the market today, but for individuals who prefer eco-friendly products, we can install Eco-Friendly garage doors.  Preserving the environment is essential to San Antonio Overhead Pros, so we offer top of the line eco-friendly garage doors that are energy efficient and look great as well.  Listed below are ways our eco-friendly garage doors are safer and help to protect the environment:

  • Constructed with recycled materials
  • Constructed with sustainable materials
  • Energy efficient
  • Longer lifespan
  • Manufactured in environmentally friendly facilities

In addition to the environmental benefits our eco-friendly garage doors provide, they also provide benefits to homeowners as well, and they include:

  • Constructed using durable materials designed to last as well specifically designed to withstand exposure to harsh weather like wind, rain, and snow.
  • The faux-wood doors provide the beauty of wood but do not require refinishing and are also resistant to cracking, splitting, and bowing. These doors are made from eco-friendly materials that include wood pulp, fiber, resins, and wax.
  • Energy-efficient reducing energy costs.
  • Eco-Friendly garage doors are made from different materials and are available in many different styles so they will add curb appeal to your home and help your homes resale value.

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If you are interested in eco-friendly garage doors, then call San Antonio Overhead Pros today and speak with one of our experts about scheduling your free estimate today.

Garage Door Repair

Damaged or broken garage doors are not only inconvenient; they are extremely dangerous as well.   Garage doors weigh hundreds of pounds, and if the parts or mechanisms become damaged or broken, the garage door can fall, causing damage to property or worse injury to occupants.  Some parts like the garage door springs hold mechanical energy, and when they break this mechanical energy is released in unpredictable ways once again resulting in possible injury to anyone around.  The experts at San Antonio Overhead Pros place customer safety as our highest priority, so we offer 24/7 emergency services to make sure garage door problems can be fixed quickly and efficiently to keep our customers safe.

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